Thursday, January 30, 2014

January continues to be obstreperous

We had some decent weather yesterday and paid for it today. A little snowfall turned into six inches of white wonderfulness overnight and through most of the morning. Having not much better to do, I shoveled a bunch of it off my sidewalks and the area behind the garage leading to the alley. It went pretty well and I managed to get done before noon, one of the first in the neighborhood. It's getting kind of deep out there, although I hear that western Michigan is getting biblical snowfall totals. To be fair, the closest the ten plagues of Egypt got to snowfall was the plague of hail (the seventh).

The streets of St Paul look like this, or did this early afternoon. The snow emergency plowing starts at 9 pm and thereafter the streets will look as well plowed as the alleys have since about noon. The big city residents deal with the snow drop by driving on the streets and packing them down so that we're guaranteed snow packed streets until the first big thaw.

I understand that Atlanta came to a halt yesterday when hit with 3 inches of snow.  People spent the night in their cars because they couldn't get home.  They should come to St Paul for some storm driver training.

I walked down the street rather than taking sidewalks on my way to Grand Avenue. The sidewalks were not yet shoveled or snow blown so the best walking paths were those shared with motorized vehicles. I managed to get in my exercise for the day and then some before the early afternoon passed. I'm still slated to play some tennis tonight.

January has nearly been endured.


Santini said...

That white stuff reflects sun, too. So it reflects sunlight, slowing the thaw. How's that for good news?

Not a lot of new snow in MI today, but the wind is causing white outs and drifting. Our plowing bill is huge, but would be even bigger except the people who we've hired to plow can't get into the subdivision until after the county plows go through. Your streets look like they've had some of that same treatment.

Jimi said...

It's been a hard winter so far and it's not relenting very fast. At least we're getting some cold sunshine.

Santini said...

I enjoyed your biblical reference. I had no idea that hail was the seventh plague of Egypt.

Santini said...

JB is impressed with the amount of snow in your back yard. It looks like a couple of feet, he says. (He does read the blogs now and then.)