Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's still too cold

I went for an afternoon walk around the neighborhood to fend off cabin fever. The temperature had soared to +1º F. But the sun was out and a blue sky welcomed me as I walked, all bundled up, about six blocks on the sidewalks of the city. Not far from home a former elm tree has been transformed into a panda and it's a kind of milestone on jaunts in the neighborhood. I should not complain about cold. The morning wake-up temperature in Grand Rapids was -31º F.

 January must be endured.

My backyard has denizens. These tracks were made by a rabbit, I think, but maybe a squirrel. The shadows are just extras to make the scene look peaceful.

The streets of the Saintly City have been plowed, but when it's below zero the snow gets packed to ice and stays on the surface, usually until a thaw. That may be sometime in January or February. Maybe not, too.

It's a new year, so I'm off tonight to play some Thursday night tennis at Wooddale.

1 comment:

Santini said...

The Panda looks properly dressed for the weather.

Just too dang cold. I wouldn't ever get out of the house with those temperatures.