Sunday, January 26, 2014

Son and Father

There's a blizzard in much of Minnesota tonight, but it was nicer in the morning. Unky Herb and Ying took possession of the the house that they bought together. NCW and I went to get a walk through of the house in the western suburbs and, we thought, to help him remove the snow from the driveway. The driveway had been plowed, probably by the realtor's plow service, so we were able to escape that duty. The house is nice and plenty big enough for their purposes, and is situated on a quiet block near some parks. They made a good choice. Their adventure in home owning has begun.

On the 105th anniversary of his birth, I stop to remember the boy's grandfather. He's been gone for 37 plus years, but not forgotten.

Tonight we wait for the one of the coldest nights of the year with truly sobering wind chills. We're expecting raw temps of about -20º and wind gusts to 33 mph producing wind chills predicted to be around -46º. We have hunkered down.


Santini said...

That's a very nice house. I had envisioned something similar to yours, for no real reason. A quiet neighborhood near a park sounds like a good choice.

Your weather sounds a lot like Holland's. Our plow guy can't get into the subdivisions to plow driveways, and our neighbors are holding movie parties to keep themselves entertained, since they can't go anywhere. It's a mess, and I'm really glad I'm not there.

BDE said...

Wow, tell A and Y congratulations on the house! It seems like a really good choice and I look forward to seeing it some day.

OSLO said...

Tell my cousin congrats from the Friedgen clan. I hope they are happy. Nice looking house! Happy birthday Grandpa. I still remember singing for him and other family as a kid with brother John. I think it was "Rudolph with your gun so bright, won't you shoot my wife tonight, grandpa always laughed and smiled. We sang that many times at grandpa's request. We still remember you all these years later.