Sunday, January 19, 2014

January thaw

It was 33º and the sun was shining at about 10:30 am. The North Country Woman and I decided that a walk outside was called for and required. The falls have been an inspiration from time to time and I hadn't been there in a while, plus the deep freeze of the last couple of weeks and the recent snow fall were likely to have changed the face of the falls. Getting to the lower level was a challenge, but we found a way without risking the icy steps. We found the first part of a snowman sitting near the creek and used it for a photo op.

The falls of Minnehaha are frozen. There is no sign of falling water, but somewhere within the mass of ice there must be a channel of very cold water. A lot of people were playing on the ice below the falls where there is usually a pool of creek water beginning to roil its way to the Mississippi.

While we were at the bridge below the falls nearest the falls itself we noticed a family lining up a family photo with the camera perched precipitously on one of the walls of the bridge and the dad was trying to figure out the camera timer for a family selfie. I stepped up and offered my services as "Bob" the substitute photographer. It turns out that the guy was from France and he had just moved his family here to live. He works for Boston Scientific, he said, and transferred here to give his three small children the cultural experience of living in America. They have been here a week and just missed the polar vortex from last week. I offered him a "bon jour" and took four or five photos with his camera. I suggested just before the first shot that they say "fromage." They liked it and laughed and I hope they got a least one good photo with the falls in the background, compliments of "Bob."

And then we went on our way with a short warning to the French folks about the impending return of a mini polar vortex later this week.

The stairs are pretty treacherous in January. There is a closed sign at the top, which means they are not shoveled and shouldn't be used. There are, of course, a lot of people who use them anyhow. The way down requires some skiing ability and the way back up the sure footedness of a mountain goat.

The creek has some beauty on this sort of day. This is next to Bridge number 2.


Santini said...

The frozen falls makes an amazing backdrop. I hope the French family get some nice photos from your efforts. I expect so. Nice work, Bob. And a little Karmic payback is a good thing.

Retired Professor said...

I also like the photo of the stairs. And the one of NCW. Nice winter photography.

Jimi said...

Thanks. It was a beautiful day and a unique setting.