Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vanilla sundown

Some sunsets are vanilla and some are tutti-frutti. The absence of clouds on the horizon is a real obstacle to anything dramatic. The sunset on Swan Lake tonight was decidedly vanilla.

The shore line at NCW's place on Swan Lake was pretty calm tonight. I've seen it quite a bit busier, markedly when Santini and the Grands were here a couple of weeks ago. I know you can't see the mosquitoes, but they were in attendance, I can assure you.

I saw a couple of deer on my drive north.  They were next to the road near Cromwell. They looked momentarily suicidal, but opted to fade back into the forest from whence they came.  I failed to get a photo, but I also failed to get any dents in my car.

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Santini said...

Mange takk for the Swan Lake photos. I loved our too short time hanging out on her beach, napping in the gazebo and toasting marshmallows over the roaring fire.

Vanilla sunsets are nice, too. I can almost hear the loons. And I'm happy to see that the dock is now level.