Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Farmer's Market

A trip to the farmer's market yielded ears of corn; sweet, tender yellow ears; tomatoes, large, red, sweet beef eaters; peaches; onions; leeks; green beans; cucumbers; and a new variety of plums, unsampled before, at least by me. Then to D & W grocers for brats, mushrooms, and tent poles. The carry out guy was very friendly, asking where we were from and saying that he'd like very much to visit the Mall of America. I told him that I liked it, too, the first few times I'd been, but it's now old hat and filled with quite a few too many humans.

We stopped at Bowerman's blueberry emporium where we were informed that the Blue Crops (the preferred variety of berry) had finished and all that they had left was the dreaded Elliots. We were disappointed but bought five pounds anyway (for eleven dollars).

Then home to grill and eat. It was a tasty meal, topped by another iteration of brownies by our gracious hostess. Unky Herb made a nice side of eggplant and leeks in an Asian style. It was plenty good eating.

The sunset was curtailed by a bank of clouds moving in from the west. It just now began to rain and it looks like it'll be a thunder-banger. I nearly caught a quite unique sunset photo earlier, but missed by about 20 seconds. I got this instead.


Santini said...

Interesting sunset photo, in my opinion. And it was quite striking in person. It was a good day.

Mrs Smith said...

Cool sunset photo. I did not even to think to look last night here.
Today it is beautiful, if a bit noisy. There are 4 or 5 men on our roof tearing off the old shingles, preparing to put on lovely new ones. Progress.
Have fun.