Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baking and Photography

It rained a lot of the day, so we mostly hung out, baked, and cooked food. The Prairie Princess made a blueberry-peach pie. NCW made some tasty rye buns. Santini made blueberry muffins and chili. I made guacamole. Here's PP wearing an apron that she got from Santini and is sending a photo to her New Zealand friend in Norway. It came in handy as she mixed flour and butter for the pie crust.

We took a walk in the evening after the rain passed. We almost always walk north on the beach to Tunnel Park, near the time that the sun begins to set. There was a group of new students - probably from Hope - having a friend building activity at the beach. They are getting younger and younger every year. The sky had cleared and it looks like we're in for a stretch of pretty nice weather.

Unky Herb asked me to try to get a photo of him on a bench with the sun setting behind him. The profile is his, the photographer me, the camera his. We were at the top of the dune at Tunnel Park somewhere near the structure I call the parthenon.

It was sunset at Tunnel Park and we were having some fun with the photographic equipment. It was a beautiful sunset after a rainy day and it seemed like it needed a little extra pizzazz. It took only three tries to get this one. Photo by Unky Herb.


Gino said...

I am crushing the sun.

BDE said...

Blueberry peach pie with P-sters famous crust? Yum.
All the photos are great but I especially like the one of Unky Herb's silhouette. Very cool.