Friday, August 30, 2013


It was a nice enough day to play some tennis this morning. It's the third day since my return from the big lake that I've hit some balls, and the coolest of the three. The Prairie Princess needed some exercise and wanted to swat a few, so this morning we went to the Linwood Courts and swatted a few. I didn't get any photos so I'm using this photo of TT (me) hitting a forehand at the James Street courts in Holland last week. I wasn't dressed in blue today, but I was hitting to the same recent returnee to USA.  And using the same racket.

The Prairie Princess is getting back into American life. She has a new cell phone and has been to a couple of well supplied American grocery stores, and Target. This afternoon we took a walk in Crosby Park, around Upper Lake and past a lot of North American plants that she hadn't seen in about two years. She still knows the names of more of them than I do. Like the cup plant.  It was warm, but nice to be out among the trees and wild things.  We even saw a humming bird and a monarch butterfly.  

A photo from the Zooniverse site from the Serengeti. They sent it to me as reward for giving them money and helping out with an on-line project to identify African animals in photos taken by motion activated cameras in the Serengeti. The project is part of a University of Minnesota graduate students' study of animal movement and populations over time in the Serengeti. They have enlisted the power of the internet to examine the millions of photos taken over six seasons of the project.

It's the Labor Day weekend. I guess it started today. There will be a big party in Pengilly to recognize 120 years of life - a double birthday party. So I wish a happy birthday to Steve and his mom, the North Country Woman.

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Santini said...


I also hope that Steve and his mom enjoy their joint birthday celebration. I'm expecting pictures. Not the film kind.

Points for playing tennis this week in this heat. It's been oppressive.