Friday, August 2, 2013

Down the creek without a paddle

It was again a very nice day and a trifle unexpected for August. I always think that August brings brutal heat, but this year not so much. I took a walk over by Minnehaha Falls. I went down along the north bank of the creek and followed its course to the Mississippi, then came back on the south bank. There were plenty of youngsters out enjoying the day including a group of high school football hopefuls doing roadwork in anticipation of the upcoming season.   They passed me a couple of times in my journey.

 Part way down the creek I encountered a snowy egret or white heron of some sort standing near the rushing waters.  I guess he was enjoying the day and watching for lunch to come floating by.

The bridge at the end of Minnehaha Creek just before the creek flows into the Mississippi River.  There were photographers standing on the bank of the Mississippi with a tripod taking a photo of the same subject.  I think I got the essence of the bridge without getting any people in the shot.

The mighty Minnehaha Falls from the lower level. The water is high and gushing over the precipice.  This must be the most photographed scene in the Twin Cities.

The USTA summer season is over. We finished last night at St Paul Academy courts playing a make-up match from an earlier rainout. I played with Brad at the first doubles position. I guess our captain was using strategy to give us up in hopes of winning at a lower position. It didn't necessarily work, but we did our part by losing a fairly close match, but the guys lower down didn't quite eke out the win, losing in a third set tiebreaker,  and the team as a whole went down 3-2. We finished the season standings in the middle of the pack somewhere. There will not be any play-off action for this team this year. My own USTA record for the summer ends at 2 wins and 3 losses. Not too bad for playing in a league allowing any 4.0 players over the age of 40.


BDE said...

Three gorgeous photos of one of my favorite spots in the Twin Cities.

Santini said...

The photos are lovely. Emily enjoyed seeing the photo of the falls, as did the grandkids, since they'd been there recently.