Friday, August 23, 2013


It was a beautiful day and we went to the James Street tennis courts to hit a few balls. Unky Herb, the Prairie Princess, the North Country Woman and me, Tennis Tousan. As it happened, completely randomly, the kids and I all showed up in similar costume - sky blue shirts and black pants. It looked pretty attractive, so NCW took a few photos and this is the best one. Then we played some tennis and took some more photos. It was fun running around on the courts hitting tennis balls, so we stayed for an hour and a half and I, for one, was a little worn down by the end of the time, but really glad that I played.

Prairie Princess hitting a forehand.

Unky Herb in action.

Later in the day NCW and I had a walk on the beach, down towards Big Red, on a very pleasant day and when we returned watched for a while as PP, OSLO, and Nikki played in the big lake. The temperature of the water was reputed to be 70ยบ.

The summer eating festivities continued again today. Santini made some more brownies and some blueberry cobbler, and we consumed most of it after our take-out dinner from the Great Wall - Chinese vittles.

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BDE said...

Team Tousan. Nice uniforms.
Looks like fun and I remember hitting a few balls there over the years.