Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday was a nice day

The day brought a couple of changes. Nikki went off to start college and Unky Herb and PP went off to the campus to help her move into the dorm, her first day in her college career. And Mr and Mrs. Smith left for points west of here. We missed all three tonight at dinner, and spoke fondly of the last few days.

While all this moving was going on this afternoon, I went out and took a photo of our B&B. The house on the dune.

We had a stroll around the neighborhood, admiring the landscaping and the flowers in full bloom. August is a pretty month, but it also begins to predict the fall. There was a trip to Tunnel Park, shortly after the tour of the neighborhood. TJ and PP stood in front of the setting sun, talking and enjoying the last part of the day, the part just before the sun goes below the horizon.

The sunset in the west across the big lake was very red and, although nearly cloudless, quite attractive. Not vanilla, nor neapolitan, more of a cherry cobbler.

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Santini said...

I wonder what a blueberry grunt sunset would look like?