Saturday, August 24, 2013

More family

Mark and Peggy arrived this afternoon in time for some dinner and a walk to Tunnel Park. UH and PP went to Nancy's for a boat ride and dinner in Grand Haven. After they got back and shortly before sunset, a subset of the group had the traditional amble up the beach to Tunnel Park and a chance to ogle the tourists. We were hoping that there might perhaps be a wedding party on the beach, like there was yesterday, but there was not. I don't think it's likely to get wedding parties two nights in a row. The ambling group, less the photographer (me), is pictured below.
We had another of these again this evening. Perhaps the best sunset of the day. The lake and the sun again combine to give us a beautiful evening.
While walking on the beach with NCW earlier, we encountered a curious stairway. It looks like it stops at a point below the top of the hill. That seems like a bad plan. Santini thinks that there may have been a collapse of the top part and the pieces toted away. I have no better explanation.


Santini said...

It was pretty close to perfect weather for your final evening on the lake.

Gino said...

I like it, a stairway to nowhere. Even the stair counter might think twice before running up that set. Or probably not, steps are steps.

Stair Counter said...

I look forward to running up those and counting. It will be weird at the top of the stairs, though.