Monday, December 19, 2011

A trip to the Christmas town

Drøbak, a small town on Oslo fjord a few miles from Ås, is known as the Chistmas town in Norway. Unni, Kelsey's friend and third cousin, took us there on Sunday to do some sightseeing and shopping. The fjord is long and deep and is the source for fish and recreation. We walked along the harbor where the ships are tied up in the sub-freezing, but sunlit weather.

The harbor is picturesque - filled with anchored small fishing boats and recreational boats - none of which were working on this day.  There were ducks - mallards, I think - swimming in the fjord waters.

There is a statue of mermaids gracing the shore and DoN joined the three mermaids. She was much more warmly dressed, however.

Still a couple of days from the solstice, but the daylight hours are short - nearly three hours less than the tropical St Paul. Soon the days will begin to lengthen, but it's going to be dark here for a while yet.

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Santini said...

The scenes look very Norwegian. I am surprised at how much light there is, and what a nice light it is. Very warm, low angle, great for photography.

Kelsey looks right at home with the mermaids.

Just a couple of days until the solstice. We were in Norway during the summer solstice 10 or 11 years ago -- or at least I was -- it's hard to believe it has been that long.

Did you let any of our Norwegian relatives know that you and Adam were coming?