Friday, December 9, 2011

Still December

I walked around enough this morning to get a feel for winter locomotion and some of its difficulties when the temperature dips into single digits. The cold will exceed this level of chill soon, but I'm trying to acclimate as conditions change. My walk included a swing by the governor's mansion and the sculpture across Summit from it. The sculpture was carved from an elm tree that succumbed to Dutch Elm disease some years ago.  Whoever lives there and owns the figure felt sorry for its exposure to the cold and wrapped it in a warming shawl. It's a St Paul thing, I think.

There was tennis with the gang of geezers this afternoon as usual, so I was able to engage in sufficient exercise on a cold December day, waiting for Christmas.

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Santini said...

The orange shawl livens up the photo, and adds some whimsy to it, too. The presence of ice underfoot isn't fun, but I guess it goes with the territory this time of year.