Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow and Ice

It snowed a little tiny bit, and it was cold enough to get ice to begin to form over the lakes. The photo below is a wood duck house in Lake Como as the ice forms around it. The ice is suddenly a sure thing, because this is the coldest night of the season - already 21 degrees at 11 pm. The scenery has begun the black and white part of the year.
After my walk around the lake to get limbered up, I came home, napped for a while and then went off for an hour and a half of tennis at Wooddale. Thursday nights are Jerry and the hardcore girls and tonight was the usual struggle to win a set. It was a fun night.

I almost didn't blog, because I just came through the never ending blog every day month of November and I thought I'd need a rest. The momentum carried through and here I am, blogging.  I wonder what the theme was for today, December's theme day.  I hope it was ice and snow.  Or maybe wood duck houses.


Santini said...

Love the photo -- wood duck houses are hard to find, I think. The frozen water will be around for a while. Good on 'ya for blogging. I'll be back soon, most likely.

BDE said...

The only one to blog the day after NaBloPoMo ends. Way to go (prevented withdrawal for us commenters).