Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oslo and Ås on the solstice

The weather outside is cold, but more accurately cold and dark. It is the winter solstice and one would expect short days. We used the day by using an Oslo pass and going into the city by train before sunrise (about 9:15) and trekking around the city. There is a statue in Ås on the way to the train, that I photographed yesterday. As you can tell, it is winter here.

We visited the City Hall, site of the Nobel Prize presentations, then went off on the subway to find Hollenkollen, a huge facility for ski jumping in Oslo. Thee is a museum there, too, showing the more than 5000 year history of skiing in Norway.

The big ski jump is Hollenkollen, in a suburb of Oslo.   One view from the top.

The Daughter of Norway and Unky Herb on the top of the big ski jump. The view from the top is spectacular.

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Retired Professor said...

Your kids look so cold in all your photos. But happy. Good family time.