Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just walking around

It feels like winter. The temperature is expected to flirt with zero overnight for the first time this heating season.

I went for an afternoon walk to begin to acclimate to the new reality. I took my camera along to record anything that looked bloggable. I was just walking around (is there an acronym for that?). I walked by Linwood Park, up the Grotto stairs and back to Grand Avenue. Then home. I was dressed for the temp at the time - about 20 - and it was actually pretty pleasant.

The photo of the day is just trees against a blue December sky. That's how it looks in the northland in December.

I played the usual Thursday night tennis at Wooddale. It was not superb tennis, but it was competitive. One of the hard core girls couldn't make it tonight so our usual number one sub played in her stead. We finished two close sets (6-4, 7-5) and quit for the night. I skipped Yang's tonight because I had home made soup waiting for me back home - made by my own hand this afternoon with the veggies in my fridge and some of the turkey left over from the Thanksgiving feast. Yang's can wait for another night deeper into the cavern of winter.

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Santini said...

'Acclimate' is the right word, and it does work. Eventually. Winter is hard.