Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oslo is Oooshloo here

We took the train from Ås, passed through Ski and arrived in Oslo in the early afternoon. Given the short days here we hurried along to get some photos before the sun set at 3:11 p.m. The train station is near the harbor and the new opera house in downtown Oslo.  The tiger statue is a gift to the city on its 1000 anniversary in the year 2000.  There is an amazing amount of construction going on in Norway, which is quite prosperous due to its North Sea oil reserves.  Unky Herb has always been sort of a tiger fancier.

This is the fancy new Opera House on the Oslo harbor.   The roof is slanted enough to allow walking up to the top, and sliding down on icy days.  Today the footing was reasonably sure and we climbed to the top for some viewing and some photos.

This is a view of Oslo harbor from the Opera House.  You may notice ducks on the part of the fjord which is iced over.  It was about 30 degrees as we viewed the sculpture in the harbor that's supposed to represent an ice berg.

After a little bag lunch at the train station, we took the subway to Frogner Park a ways away.  We passed a statue of Sonja Henie on the way.   It was cold and getting close to sunset as we arrived and began viewing the multitude of statues - mostly depicting naked human beings.  Here is the DoN at Frogner Park trying to join one of the sculptures.

A few minutes later I took this photo as the sun set on the sculptures at Frogner Park.

After sunset we stopped for tea and coffee at a warm Norwegian coffee shop. It was a welcome and welcoming spot on a cold afternoon. We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant and caught a later train back to UMB and Ås.

I am thankful for the miracle of long underwear.

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Santini said...

Ah, Oslo. I remember the harbor area, those stairs behind UH, and the train tracks through the plaza area. I don't remember the tiger, and of course the opera house is new. Very striking, though.

I appreciate the travelogue. It's a little bit like being there again.

Kelsey looks colder than the statues.