Monday, December 26, 2011

The second day of Christmas

Every country does Christmas its own way, and every family has it's own version of the celebration. On Christmas day (the first day of Christmas) we had a Norwegian feast at Unni's with her daughter and parents in attendance. Unni made pinnekjhøtt, a Norwegian salted meat from sheep, and potatoes and a squash-like dish (maybe rutabaga), with beer and aquavit. It was all good and we had a fine time, speaking a little Norsk, but mainly English. I have a picture of my kids a bit after the meal.

Today is the second day of Christmas and I was surprised to find that the stores - including all the grocers are closed for the second day in a row. This would never stand in the good old USA, where December 26 is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.


Retired Professor said...

Interesting! Rutabaga seems likely. I've heard of pinnekjott, oddly enough. Rommegrott, by any chance? Lefse?

How great to be able to see the holiday traditions in the old country first hand.

Jimi said...

No rommegrot, but a kind of rice pudding, ris creme, with homegrown raspberries and strawberries. Rich food, but very tasty.

Retired Professor said...

Sounds yummy!

BDE said...

It does sound yummy. Nice looking kids.