Sunday, December 4, 2011


Yes there was a pie party last night at this address, but I didn't record the event photographically. The only photos were taken by another of the family bloggers, so I'll wait for that posting, if at all. We had good food, good conversation, and good fun with a total of 13 attendees. There were some leftovers, too, which are mostly consumed. The planning for the white elephant party took place, too, actually meaning that we arrived on a date for its occurrence.

It snowed yesterday and overnight. Today was a shovel day and a chance for iChatting with the Daughter of Norway. Her computer is back in working order and she's waiting to get a new charger to keep it running. She and Herb and I chattered away for an hour or so this afternoon and all seems well in the land of winter darkness. We in Minnesota are ahead (?) of Oslo in snow depth. They are yet snowless. I have a screen shot of the chat session, which I'm posting here.

Snow accumulates. The view of my backyard this afternoon indicates that winter has begun.

Unky Herb had some downtime and is applying his gaming skill to Little Big Planet on PS3.  Note the concentration on his face.

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Santini said...

More snow than Oslo? Unexpected. We're also snow free here yet, also unexpected.

It sure looks like winter where you live.