Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Ponts

The French word for bridge is pont. I'm shamelessly using a photo from France and comparing it with a new picture from Minnesota. They have just a little in common. A bridge appears in each. The French bridge (pont) is the Pont du Massacre in Chartres. It's an idyllic scene on a beautiful day just a couple of weeks ago.

The Minnesota bridge is the West Seventh Street Bridge over the Mississippi in St Paul - taken today from the Hidden Falls Park on the east bank.

I checked out the rest of the bike path by the Mississippi that goes through Crosby Farm and Hidden Falls and found that it is indeed again open for bike traffic. The judicious use of a plow of some sort removed the layer of sand from the path and again allowed the path to be used for biking and hiking.

It was a cooler day than has been experienced for a while in the area - a high in the lower seventies, a little cloudy, but pleasant for some outside exercise. I thought I might find some cardinal flowers, but none were growing down by the river. I'll keep looking.


Retired Professor said...

The Chartres bridge is charming, to be sure. But the mighty Mississip doesn't run beneath it.

According to Kels, cardinal flowers need wet feet with their head in the sun. Hard conditions to find, apparently. Especially for cardinal flower seeds.

BDE said...

I like that first pont best. The river is a different story . . .