Friday, August 26, 2011

Some tennis with a gent from Arizona

Rich Stebbins is in town for a while so we scheduled this morning as a time to hit some tennis balls. He drove to my place in his 1994 Honda Accord and turned off his car to come inside. When he tried to restart the Honda it just groaned and refused to turn over. This is pretty much what happened last year when he was here too. Last year we went to Sears and he bought a battery charger, which got him through last year. This year we drove to AutoZone and bought a nice new battery, then we brought it back here, jumped his car with mine and went back to the battery store to get the battery installed for free. That put us over an hour behind our schedule, but we managed to get in an hour or so of smacking tennis balls at the St Clair courts. It was a beautiful, windless day, a day well worth spending on a tennis court.

Here's the guy from Arizona at the courts.

And here's me clothed for tennis court action with my trusty tennis weapon, Wilson.

There are no scores to report - there was only practice hitting.

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Santini said...

USTA Section Champion in 2008. Nice shirt. A day well spent.