Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking the Metro to Sacre-Coeur

The weather forecast is improving and today was the warmest day so far - 79 degrees. We took the Metro to the big church on the hill, Sacre-Coeur at Montmartre. Since the Metro is our main travel option, I'm including a photo from this morning at the Ile de la Cite stop as we waited for the train.

The big church is pretty impressive.  It's newer than most, having been dedicated in 1919, and it's walls are still very white.  It is a popular destination for tourists and French people alike.  It's in a big artist quarter and there are shops featuring original art and roving sketch artists. 

A partially obscured photo of the church.  Gino is working his way up the slope.  We didn't count the steps, but I'm confident that there were less than the 422 that constitute the climb to the top of Notre Dame.

 The workers were weeding and thinning the impressive array of flowers on the way up the hill.   Paris is rich in flower gardens and window planters with colorful blooms.    These were some of the nicest on the way to Sacre-Coeur.

After lunch at a Chinese restaurant in the area near Pigalle and the Moulin Rouge, we came back to our home base for a sit down.  I took an afternoon walk around the isle we're on - the one where Notre Dame resides.  There are some famous bridges and parks here and there were people out and about enjoying the warm sun.  This is a big statue of Henry IV of France, who died in 1610, which is placed in a square near the west end of Ile de la Cite.

The very end of the island where a big willow tree shelters people lounging in the late afternoon sun.  I stood there for a while and watched the boats go by.

Another fine day very near Point Zero.


Santini said...

That last photo finally looks like it is summer where you are.

The flower pictures are interesting -- there's some tall grass-like plant in a strong blues and purples that is very striking. Also, those two guys in the middle of the photo look like props.

Some interesting stuff, with lots of beautiful churches and statues. But it is time to go home soon, right?

Jimi said...


Indeed, it's nearly time to allez.