Monday, August 29, 2011

A campus visit

Rich is still in town and we've been playing quite a bit of tennis. And we'll probably play some more before he leaves at the end of the Labor Day weekend. Today, since he and I are both alumni of Hamline University and because we are trying to help our old tennis coach, Doc Lewis, get into Hamline's Athletic Hall of Fame, we took a trip to Hamline. We toured the campus before our visits with a couple of interested parties. The statue of Bishop Hamline, the colleges namesake is pretty photogenic with the flowers and lawn neatly manicured for the start of new student days next week. It's a pretty campus this time of year.

And we had to stop by the tennis courts. This used to be court one where the number one players would face each other in dual meets. I'm not sure it's still used that way, but we appreciate its history. I've played on the court a number of times over the years since I graduated from the college. It has been resurfaced at least once since 1965 when it was a concrete surface.

And a memorial fountain on the grounds that looked attractive in the midmorning light. I guess I like fountains and the reflections that they sometimes provide. This one has a layer of dark gray and very rounded stones at the base.

We had a chat with a couple of members of the alumni relations department and expressed our belief that Doc Lewis deserved the hall of fame honor. Then we went off to find the tennis coach. He's a young guy, still in his twenties and a graduate of Hamline. He seems to be doing a good job of recruiting players and has a chance to have a pretty respectable team this year. He actually went to HU at the same time as the Prairie Princess and recognized her when I showed him her photo. It's a small world at Hamline. We even tried stopping at the office of a certain Mrs. Smith, but she wasn't in the office that the Alumni people had pointed us to. Maybe another time.

And there was geezer tennis again this afternoon. It's getting close to the end of summer and we'll soon be losing a couple of our competitors as they go south to escape the coming deep freeze. But today the tennis was spirited and competitive. Again, no one fell down or hurt themselves, always a good result.


Santini said...

Very nice post. I love a walk around a college campus in the late summer -- and through the fall. Even a virtual one.

Daughter of Norway said...

What was the guy's name?

Jimi said...

DoN: The tennis coach at Hamline is Jon Henning - class of 2005, I think.