Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer flowers

It's summer and the summer flowers are in full bloom here in the northland. The black-eyed susans are at their peak for a while yet, but the feel of autumn is starting to sneak into the air. Especially after the sun goes down. It won't be long before the asters become the prevalent bloom.

I spent some time yesterday at William O'Brien State Park. It's located on the St. Croix River which is pictured below. I mostly just hiked around about a two mile trail and read the trail signs about the park and the flora and fauna in the area. It was a nice day for a walk in the woods.

There was morning tennis again today. The weather was pretty much perfect for an August morning. We had eight guys and we played the better part of two and a half hours. I was a little off my game - the coordination just wasn't there today. The sets were competitive and no one was injured so it was a good day. It would have been better if I had been able to get my serve in, but there will be better days again.

It was nice enough when I got home, that I mowed the lawn and enjoyed the odor of freshly mowed grass, but without the smell of burned gasoline exhaust. Then I picked a couple of tomatoes from my little garden patch and made some home made soup. It doesn't look like the carrots are going to be much of a crop. The bunnies (vermin) that live in PP's native grass garden are still eating the leaves off the plants. My new protective fence is not very effective. Nonetheless, it was a nice busy August day, and the soup was pretty darn good.


Santini said...

The St. Croix is browner than I remember it, but still pretty.

The soup sounds good. I need to make some, but we have some leftover meat cakes and cabbage to work our way through first.

BDE said...

I never call that type of vermin bunnies anymore. It makes them sound cute instead of obnoxious! Nice juxtaposition of post titles (Aug 21 and 22). Clever.