Monday, July 11, 2011

Typical July day

It was pretty hot, 86 when we were playing at Marie Park. It was also a little windy, but we had eight pretty much hard core geezers on the courts, determined to play some tennis. As we almost always change partners after a set, I ended up playing with two different guys - two and a half sets. It was one of those days when my opponents saw fit to make me run all over the court, chasing lobs and drop shots. I came home pretty much knackered. I'm still glad that I played.

I took a photo of the Prairie Princess' wild flower garden in my back yard. Many years ago it was my vegetable garden, but now it contains a nice variety of wild flowers. I spent a lot of the day in the back yard - mowing the grass and pulling some weeds from the area around my gigantic tomato plants and my tiny carrot plants. It's quite therapeutic. Weeding, I mean.

We had another wind storm come through last night and branches were down in various locations in the city. It seems like the winds are stronger this year, or maybe the trees are starting to weaken, because the branches seem to be coming down more frequently.

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Santini said...

And yet in January we will remember summer so fondly, and miss all this sticky heat and wild weather. Our memories are short.