Thursday, July 21, 2011

A park, a court yard and a church

We did a lot more exploring of the area near our apartment on the Isle de Cite.  There were a lot of tourists and visitors at Notre Dame, but we visited early and found the crowd small enough to allow us some room to walk around and see the old statues and the stained glass windows.  Then we looked for scenic areas outside, fully expecting some delicious Paris rain.  It was in the sixties, but the rain held off.  This park was designed in the manner of French  classical gardens and it attracted a pair of French lovers sitting on a bench enjoying each other's company. 

After visiting "home" to watch the Tour de France on the tube, we set out again to catch the city in action.  This is the courtyard just inside the gate of our place.  It's an old set of buildings and well protected from the outside world - perhaps once the home of a religious community.   Mr Moohoo for scale.

> And another view across the Seine of the big church not more than a block from our abode. The morning church bells that we hear come from this great old Cathedral.

We had dinner at the Greek restaurant we visited last year. The menu was only gyros with the only choice being the type of bread you wanted it on. I chose the classic pita bread and enjoyed the eating.


Retired Professor said...

I don't believe I've ever seen the Cathedral from that angle before. It is magnificent, isn't it?

It looks like you're doing quite a bit of walking.

BDE said...

Great picture of the old church. I am getting hungry thinking of that Greek place. Yum.