Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot and Humid

A hot, humid day, but not as mean as the weather creatures predicted. It was comfortable enough for an excursion to the falls of Minnehaha this morning to see what the rain torrent over the last few days has done to the volume of water over the falls. The Princess and the Good Uncle (Herb) went with me. Herb brought his camera, too, so we have lots of photos of a hot day by the creek. Here they are looking down at the falls.

And this is what they saw - a lot of water rushing over the falls and towards the Mississippi.

We walked along the swollen creek to the river and back to the falls. There were people fishing in the creek and some waders in the area by the second bridge. And there were photographers and just a few folks out for a Sunday morning stroll. There was, indeed, a runner, too.

I counted the steps to the top of the cliff next to the falls on the way back - 108 this time. I know that this count is not identical to other counts in the past, and I'm at a loss to explain the discrepancy. Maybe just bad luck.

And bad luck is what seems to have befallen the US women's soccer team in Germany today. They lost to Japan in a PK shootout after ending extra time at 2-2. Congratulations to the Japanese women and their first World Cup title.


Santini said...

It even looks hot and humid in the picture with UH and PP.

That's an impressive amount of water going over the falls. It must be nice to have a waterfall more or less in your back yard.

Emily said...

I was going to head over to the falls this weekend post-rain to check out the water flow but deemed it too hot. You are a braver group than I, clearly. And the falls are pretty impressive.