Sunday, April 29, 2012


It was a wet weekend in St Paul, so after some rousing end of season tennis at Wooddale, I took a road trip north. The clouds and rain ended near Forest Lake and the clouds went away further north, so that the sky in Pengilly was half and half, and also kind of attractive. This photo was snapped in the late afternoon on a walk for exercise and fun on the Mesabi bike trail.

Today's weather was a little brisk, but in an attractive way, with the sun peeking through a cloud cover at least occasionally. The photo shows a creek in the woods near Swan Lake. The leaves are several weeks behind the ones in the Saintly City. And the lilacs (not shown) are barely pushing leaves out through the branches.  The blossoms are weeks away.  The green grass has begun to sprout and grow, but spring up north is still just a puppy.

This is the famous Chateau St Michel in Pengilly, Minnesota. The proprietor, the Pengilly Woman (PW) stands beneath the sign.  It's a place to buy some first rate knitted scarves and a line of photo greeting cards.  Apparently we've gone into business together as suggested by some of my gentle readers.  Now we need a web site and perhaps a catalog of goodies.  And customers.

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Retired Professor said...

Ah, the famous Chateau. Cool.

Has PW looked into the "Etsy" websites? I don't know much about them, but they seem to be tailored to individual crafts persons who sell their items over the internet. I see them referred to as Etsy shops, and I know at least one woman here in my small circle of friends who is setting one up.

Love the chance to take a peek at spring on the range. Nice photos, too.