Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lilacs, Still Blooming

I'm trying to get away with three straight days of lilac pictures. It's a short season for lilacs, so I'm pretty sure this can't go on very much longer. I spent much of this bright sun shiny day outdoors doing spring maintenance tasks in PP's native grass garden and the yard in general. The yard looks better and I'm ready to start thinking about planting something in the dirt. It's too early for most veggies, and the weather creatures have predicted slushy snow for Saturday. I hope they're wrong, but after all this is still the North Star State. Maybe I'll just plant flowers this year.

After an active day outside, I went to Wooddale for Thursday night mixed doubles. The permanent time slot is about to expire, but then outdoor season begins in earnest. Jerry and the regular hard core girls were there and we had two pretty good sets and a seven point tiebreaker to end the evening.

 The place that I played tennis tonight, the Fun Zone.

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Santini said...

Snow is forecast here for Saturday, too. It has been a strange spring.

Still liking the lilacs. Your back yard must smell great.