Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring retreats

We've had amazing weather all year, so I guess it's okay to get a little cold and wind. I walked around Como this afternoon, in the "heat" of the day. It was 45 with a wind chill in the teens. But the sun was out sporadically and the trees continued to blossom. This little tree in the photo is a recent planting and has almost purple blossoms. If it freezes in the next couple of days, as the weather creatures predict, it'll be interesting to see what happens to the blossoms. There's always something to wonder about.

It's the April birthday season. So many birthdays, so little time. Happy birthday to anyone I forgot to congratulate. I know Unky Herb and the Prairie Princess gained another notch in their age, as did some others who are less likely to want attention drawn to the event.

Spring outdoor tennis has not yet erupted. At least in my schedule. I still have indoor permanent court time until May, but given a day in the 70's, I think I'll be outside hitting forehands and backhands.


Santini said...

I like the purple blossoms. They seem to outline the branches -- a different approach from most flowering trees.

Indoor tennis makes sense when there's so much variability in temperatures.

Nice to see you back on the blogs.

Santini said...

Very strange. I left a comment last night, and it disappeared. Blogger doesn't like me, I guess.

The purple flowering tree is attractive, with the blossoms outlining the branches the way it does.

Hope you had a nice Easter.

Jimi said...

Blogger is sometimes temperamental - nothing personal.

Easter was good. I even ate a little ham.