Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More lilacs

One of the nicest days of the year thus far. Warm enough to play outdoors tennis and also to don some shorts and mow the lawn.

 Before the tennis session at Marie, I stopped by the lilac bush to inhale that lilac perfume. The butterfly that was sucking nectar yesterday - or his cousin - was back supping on the blossoms. Today I managed to get the macro lens to work and got up close and personal.

Incidentally, I remember the lilac bush in Coleraine in our yard there while I was a mere child. I remember the fragrance and the blossoms, and I remember using the leaves of the bush as pseudo money in some of our childish games. There are fond memories connected to lilacs.

After tennis and a short sit down, I decided that I needed to do some yard work. The lawn already needs to be mowed and the various flower and native grass locations needed to be cleared of last year's growth. So I mowed the backyard for the first time of the year. It was sweat inducing, but also pretty satisfying to watch the blades of grass yield to the mower.

 And thus a freshly mowed lawn.

I'm thinking about using my photos and starting a greeting card business with an enterprising woman, if one can be found.

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Santini said...

Best lilac photo of the year. Apparently yesterday was 'post a photo of lilacs' day, and I missed the memo. I did take a photo of a lilac bush yesterday, though. Half way there.

Nice Coleraine story -- I'd forgotten using the leaves as play money.

I happen to know exactly one of the kind of enterprising woman you describe -- introductions can be arranged. I think you'd like her.