Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wind chill returns

After a March like the one we had, it seemed inevitable that we'd get some cold weather, too. Today was a part of Mother Nature's revenge. While it did get to 43 degrees in St Paul, we had to suffer through some sub freezing weather overnight and a return of wind chill here in tundra city. After waiting out the cold, I decided to have a walk over by the park and see if I could get a photo of the second of two solar collector/chargers there.  This one is next to McMurray Athletic Fields and appears ready to use.  I think you would need a car with the correct electrical connections and probably a credit card.  I haven't seen a car using the charger as of yet, but it's purported to be a free service.

A closer view at the business end of the solar charger.

After a walk through the park, looking for frost damage and finding none, I walked towards the zoo and conservatory.  There are some daffodils blooming outside, but they are puny compared to the  fragrant flowers inside the glass building.  The current flower show at Marjorie McNeeley Conservatory is still the spring flower show, but they've changed the flowers to these.

One of the white lilies in the Sunken Garden at the far end in the photo above.

Earlier in the day I noticed a couple of parking spots for Nice Ride Minnesota, a project to supply temporary bikes for use in my part of town. There was a station at Lexington and Grand, another at Kowalskis and a third at Macalester College.  With these you do need a subscription ($65 for the year or $6 a day) and a credit card for I.D.  You can check a bike out for 30 minutes at a time for no extra charge.  I didn't get a photo, but maybe next time.


Santini said...

That first photo would have been a good one for the 'electricity' theme day.

Your theory on the March/April swap is a good one. Spring always seems to arrive in fits and starts. Meanwhile, flowers are available for viewing inside the conservatory.

Lovely lily.

Santini said...

Oh, come on! I left a comment this morning, and even checked to be sure it was saved. Blogger has clearly gotten very buggy.

I liked the photo of the lily, and commented that your April/March swap seemed to be spot on. I said something about flower viewing needing to be done at the conservatory.

Also, nice bicycle content. I look forward to photos -- though I think there was one on Gino's blog a while back.

I hope this makes it!

Jimi said...

Santini: I found your comment in my list of "spam" comments (along with a couple of others that were clearly not spam). I don't get why they considered it spam, probably some overzealous software, so I reprieved it and it's now published.

I'll try to get some photos of Nice Ride when I get a chance.

Thanks. I liked the lily, too.

Santini said...

Jimi -- Thanks. It's good to know what happened to it. Over-zealous software, indeed.