Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bakery goods here and there

Theme days get me scurrying off to find a relevant photo. The theme today, "bakeries," sent me to the Great Harvest bread shop on Selby where I've purchase many the loaf of bread over the years. I also decided to buy some of their product and came away with a loaf of bread and some whole wheat rolls. I'm not sure these items will fit into my current idea of a diet, but they are tasty and I'm sure that Unky Herb will help me finish them off.

Of course my favorite bakery is the one in the Paris neighborhood that I inhabited with Gino last summer while we visited the City of Lights for the last weekend of the Tour de France. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the place, but it's about a half a block from Notre Dame Cathedral. We stopped there nearly every morning we were in the city to sample their pastries and sometimes at noon for some of their tasty French bread sandwiches and pizza for lunch.

The photo below shows probably my favorite pastry at the neighborhood boulangerie. I currently can't remember what it's called, "pain Swiss" or something else Swiss, (maybe patisserie suisse) but it's very good and very rich, and it has chocolate in it. They also had "eclair chocolate" which pretty much says Paris like nothing else does. And croissant aux amondes.

In Paris, you can get more than just pastry in the boulangeries. One may purchase tasty, cheesy pizza.  Pastry for scale.

I'm not sure of the difference between boulangeries and patisseries, but my take is that the first is a bakery and the patisserie is a pastry shop - pretty much the same thing in my book.

And on the local scene.   A sure sign of spring, the return of youth baseball at Linwood Park. Interestingly, both teams were wearing blue uniforms and neither saw fit to change. I guess the blues are the only unnies they have.  They seem to be using metal bats, the same kind, I think, that have been banned in college and high school baseball because they are dangerous.   The ball comes off them much faster than off wood (ash or maple) and has caused injuries and a lot of home runs.


Santini said...

Yum. My mouth is watering from those photos. Not a single pastry in the shape of a wooden shoe, either.

Gino said...

I'm thinking brioche suisse.

Gino said...

And, I might add, that's a mighty good doughnut.