Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The day you dreamed about in February

It was a beautiful day in the Saintly City, a day that gets dreamed about on those frigid, dark February days when cold and gloom rule. I was scheduled for some afternoon tennis, but the beauty of the morning invited me to take a walk up to Summit and see how green and healthy the new vegetation was. Plus I had to mail off some checks for corporations to which I owed some money. Near the law school on Summit, I came upon another one of the stations for shared bikes - Nice Bikes they're called in the Twin Cities. They're pretty distinctive looking and not overly cool, so they don't appear to be in danger of being stolen. The sharing is controlled with the judicious use of credit cards to free them from their restraints.

Some information about how to use the Nice Bikes. They seem to be getting people to participate in the program, so it must be fairly well designed.

The same gaggle of bikes from the north end of the station.  That's Summit Avenue traffic in the background.

After lunching on some freshly brewed home made soup, I was off to tennis with the cadre of codgers at Marie Park. It was an almost windless day of about 72 degrees. Tennis was pleasant, and we had a chance to carp about the state of the Twins and also to appreciate the really nice baseball stadium that the city and the state helped them build.

I guess that Unky Herb decided against the house in Bloomington after the inspection. It was a combination of factors including the size of the lawn and its almost complete lack of dandelions or any other weeds(?). (One man's weeds can be another man's salad.) And the byzantine sewer connections. The search will continue in a day or so, after some quiet time.

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Santini said...

Hey! You're blogging about bikes!

I hope some of that warm weather gets here soon. It's warmer on The Range than it is here, most likely.