Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some baseball

Serendipity struck this morning. One of my tennis friends called with the news that he had just been gifted with four tickets to the Twins game today. And could I adjust my schedule for a major league baseball game. Of course I could, although there is some doubt about whether the Twins are playing major league baseball this year. I had been to a spring training game this spring in Fort Myers and the Twins had managed to win the game, but I had never been to the new Twins stadium in downtown Minneapolis. The four retired tennis players met at Fort Snelling at 11:30 to take the light rail for the 12:15 game. It was slick. We arrived in time for the first inning. The home team played their usual lackluster game and was shut out They lost 5-0 to the Indians of Cleveland. I think the Twins must have hit into about ten double plays. Maybe not quite ten, but every time they had a threat in the offing. (The beer is $7.25 a piece.)
The off breed lilac bush in the backyard is showing its plumage. It was here waiting for me after the game. It's been blooming a few days now and is almost always about ten days behind the vanilla variety.
I'm including this photo for the Princess of Norway who hasn't seen this structure. It's the house that Unky Herb is thinking about buying. I think he's still mulling it over, but it's a pretty nice place in Bloomington. It's about five minutes from his job and in a quiet neighborhood. I think that if he buys it he'll have to buy a lawn mower.

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Santini said...

Ah, baseball. A nice diversion on a spring day.

I like the house. Good luck, UH.