Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday in October

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon and since I hadn't blogged for a while and since I needed to get into nature again, I took my walk-around camera and went to Minnehaha Park to roam around. I parked in my usual free parking spot and went over to see the falls. And since I hadn't been to Longfellow garden in a bit I ambled over there to see how the autumn was progressing. I know that the Prairie Princess, who likes to be known as the Daughter of Norway these days, would like to see how the native grasses are getting along.  And so did I.  The view from down by the creek looking up the hill towards the old, deteriorating statue of Longfellow was nice enough to open today's posting. The grasses have browned, but since the first freeze hasn't hit the center of the city yet, there were still flowers and green leaves on the trees.

The creek (Minnehaha) flows under Hiawatha and to the falls. The water is low because of the paucity of rain in the area, but it's a quiet comforting sight as it flows through the tunnel.

I walked south, following the creeks path, but from up above the flood plain. As I neared the bridge to the Veteran's Center, I encountered some wild turkeys walking in the underbrush, bravely and brashly showing themselves to possible predators. I guess they weren't very frightened of me. The quantity of wildlife within the city limits is often a surprise to me as I saunter through the parks and wild areas in the Twin Cities.

And, there was Thursday night mixed doubles at Wooddale. We played a couple of sets with a lot of interesting, competitive sets - the hardcore girls, plus Jerry and me - 6-4, 6-3. Then I went to Yang's Chinese food restaurant for some of that succulent Singapore rice noodles.


Santini said...

Nice photos. I think I see some light at the end of that tunnel.

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