Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fort Snelling

I had a 2 o'clock appointment with some tennis players, but I got an early start and stopped by the fort at Fort Snelling to have a look at the river and to maybe take a picture or two. A lot of the trees up on the hill above the river have lost their leaves, but a few oaks are just now coming into their own. This one had lost some of its leaves but still retains some nice red color.

I walked to the chapel at Fort Snelling, too. It's one of the oldest religious buildings in the state. In the yard outside the chapel there is a lonely little grave of the first white child born in Minnesota - at least according to the head stone. She was Elizabeth Snelling, and she died in her infancy at age 13 months and is buried here. A little piece of Minnesota history.

After the walk, I made my way to Fred Wells Tennis Center at Fort Snelling for an hour and a half of tennis - nearly two complete sets - with the usual gang of geezers. The ages of the geezers today - 72, 70, 69, 66. A total of 277.

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Santini said...

The photos on the blogs got really pretty this fall. I think GZ mentioned that the color sequence seems a little off this year, or something that makes this fall seem different. Anyway, I'm enjoying the color shows.

277? Big number for four tennis players. Good job, I think.