Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cloudy fall day

The autumn has been odd here in the Saintly City. The first frost has not yet come to this part of the city and the tomatoes and many of the fall flowers still persist. On the street light a couple of houses down the street, flowers that should have frozen by now continue to beautify the neighborhood.  Morning glories?

A block east of here a young maple tree has decided to turn scarlet and begin to drop its leaves. I think it must be reacting to the shorter day light hours. The ash trees, of course, have dropped their leaves, the quitters.

I'm going to Wooddale and play some indoor tennis.


Retired Professor said...

It looks different out there every day. I like the dark photo -- it looks a lot like it did here today, before it started to rain...and rain...

Retired Professor said...

Happy birthday, Jimi.