Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still October

It was a drab sort of day today, but yesterday was bright and shiny. I took a picture of a maple about a block from home on my way to the drugstore to buy drugs ... I mean vitamins. There are still some trees that haven't decided to change to their brighter colors, even some varieties of maple. And the oaks. It's sill pretty around here.

I'm also posting some older photos, just because I scanned them in and find them entertaining. It's nice to look at photos of people from more than 50 years ago and still be able to recognize them. These two young looking people are still younger than me. You know who you are.

This is one of the few photos I have of the original Tag, our cocker spaniel - springer spaniel mix dog of our childhood. He was a golden color as I recall, but the photo comes from the era before I could afford color film. And the car is a classic, too. I think it's a Pontiac from the 1950's sometime.

No tennis today, but tomorrow is on, and it may be nice enough to play outside. I'm hoping for one or two more days of outdoors friendly weather before the snow flies.


Santini said...

I thought Tag was a reddish brown.

The dress was blue.

Jimi said...

You're probably right about Tag - more reddish than golden - I claim poetic license.

I'm not sure about the dress.

Santini said...

It was my confirmation dress, so I'm pretty sure about the color. Light blue -- Which reminds me of an Aunt Louise story. One of the last times I saw her, she was looking at some old black and white photos from the '30's that were at the family reunion. She looked at one of herself and remarked, "I always liked that green hat."