Thursday, October 27, 2011


It seems like it's been a strange fall season. I was thinking about the range of colored leaves as I hiked around the neighborhood this afternoon in my warmup exercise for evening tennis. There are a lot of trees that haven't changed colors, yet there are some very bright reddish orange maples that are very noticeable in the area. And there are the ash trees that gave up their leaves weeks ago. Some of the trees that are still green are maples. And some oaks. In this photo from east of me on Fairmount there is a flaming reddish maple in front, but behind it is another maple which is very green. And another thing.  And it hasn't frozen yet in my neighborhood. My tomato plants are still exuding green fruit.

Here's a whole block of reticent changers. I don't know what they're waiting for unless it's perhaps a temperature in the 20's.

So here it is the 27th of October and after tonight's tennis action, I've played 31 complete sets of tennis this month. That beats the previous high of 30 set in January and again in March of this year. And I've got two more days of tennis scheduled. It's been a busy month.