Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eighty-eight degrees

It was 88 degrees at 2 pm yesterday for my afternoon tennis session with the geezer guys. The sun was high in the sky and in the eyes of whomever was serving or trying to hit overheads. We were competitive anyhow, and we played to a tie breaker. I went home knackered and hungry. It's clear that weather that hot uses up whatever reserves one may have. I picked up Unky Herb from the airport later. He was returning from his New England trip to "peep" at the maple leaves as they turn scarlet. He has an amazing number of photos. We have a crop of crimson maples appearing here, too. The peak of the season is within days of showing up and within hours of disappearing if we get a big wind. These two maple leaves fell from a tree in front of the guv's mansion, and I posed them on some nearby very green grass.

The photos were taken on my morning recovery walk in the neighborhood. This maple is about a block from my house and on Chatsworth. It's right in the middle of its change of color, representative of the neighborhood in general.

I've been keeping a log of my tennis activities for the year, and I have some numbers through the first three quarters of the year. Through September 30 I had played 209 full sets of tennis and a bunch of partials for a total of 2,245 games of tennis. I estimate about six points a game, so there have been about 13,470 points so far this year. No wonder my knees and ankles ache.

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Santini said...

88 is too dang hot. Especially for October.

You have a house on Chatsworth?

Love the red leaf photo.

That's a LOT of tennis!