Monday, March 16, 2015

Thin ice

The good weather here may be on the way out for a while. I had some time so I went for a walk around the lake at Como Park. There is a dock by the pavilion and it's used a lot in the summer. Not long ago someone put a "thin ice" sign up to ward off the unwary. Today, it seems redundant. The ice is so thin in many places that it's liquid. The lake could soon be free of ice, but for today it's just soft slush and crushed cubes.

The ice varies quite a bit on the lake. This bit looks like crushed ice that might be useful in a Super America Icee.

It's 1.6 miles around the lake. I had a side trip to look at the reconstruction job on the old Lexington Avenue Bridge which will be used as a bike path when it's done. They promise Spring 2015 completion. I'll be watching. I walked about two and a half miles - a little short of a π.

Anyone for corned beef and cabbage?????

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Santini said...

Corned beef and cabbage are possible, but not certain. Saturday I walked Pi K -- there were a number of Pi K walks being done, but none close. 1.95 miles, more or less.

Cool photos.