Thursday, March 12, 2015

March is getting friendlier

It's still March, but the weather took a decided turn towards summer about a week ago. We've had a couple of days in the 60's, and today was supposed to get into the 70's, according to the weather wizard, Paul Douglas. My favorite St. Paul weather site said that 61º was the high reading for the day. Plenty good enough. It's still March.

I had a walk around the neighborhood this afternoon to take in the warmer air. There isn't much green to be seen, but the snow is nearly all gone, at least for now.

We have a new addition to the breakfast nook in the area of decoration. When Adam and Ying came back from China they brought a book of the water colors that her grandpa did in the last ten years of his life. He was a plenty talented guy, and one I probably would have liked if we could have spoken a common language. I liked one of the paintings well enough to get a copy of the jpeg from Ying's mom that was used for the book, and to have it printed on a board suitable for hanging on the wall. I think it looks good in the breakfast area near the back door.

I played some tennis tonight, part of my usual schedule. It was competitive and fun, but I seem to be in a bit of a slump. The sets were 7-5, 6-4, but I was on the short end of the score. It's doubles and I'm a level seven, so I'm pretty glad that I was able to play and that there was no falling down to be done tonight. I came home and NCW and PP were both home waiting. Adam had been here and went off to play in his indoor soccer league game. I missed him, but he'll be back and plans to spend the night here, so I'll see him in the morning. 

This somehow reminded of an old Richard Brautigan poem that PP used in one of her classes and one that always made me chuckle a bit. Here it is:

Albion Breakfast

                           For Susan

Last night (here) a long pretty girl
asked me to write a poem about Albion,
so she could put it in a black folder
that has albion printed nicely
 in white on the cover.

I said yes. She's at the store now
getting something for breakfast.
I'll surprise her with this poem
 when she gets back.


Santini said...

Snow free streets! Good to see. Hopefully any future snow will be temporary -- you seem to have gotten the major melting out of the way.

Your kitchen is looking good.

BDE said...

I look forward to seeing the painting and the newly decorated area. It looks very pretty.

Gino said...


With his hat on
he's about five inches taller
than a taxicab.

Jimi said...

Brautigan again.