Monday, March 23, 2015

25,000 day birthday

Another kind of birthday today. Since I have this spread sheet, that allows me to calculate the number of days between two dates, I've been calculating the ages of people in days. Today, my brother reached a milestone of sorts - 25,000 days on the planet. It's not a celebration that has traditionally been celebrated - partly because of the previous difficulties in calculating and pinpointing the exact date. It's not exactly a leveling up, but it's an opportunity to look back and remember some of the old days. First a couple of photos that he probably hasn't seen in decades.

About 1973 at a football practice for one of the kids' teams he coached in those days.

Sometime in the late 70's with his girl friend at the time. Most of us know her and remember her fondly.

I've known him his whole life. I remember his childhood days when he played simulated baseball games with baseball cards and a statistically based game we had at the time. He kept stats for the players and standings of the teams.

There was the baseball game we played as kids by throwing a rubber or tennis ball off the front steps of the house and designating certain length rebounds as singles, doubles and home runs. I think there may have been stats for that game, too.

When he was at Macalester and I was at Hamline, there was the time at Mac's homecoming when a bunch of HU freshman were planning to prematurely light the traditional bonfire at the Mac football field, and I called him and told him of the plans so that he could organize a welcoming party for the HU miscreants.

Lots of other good and memorable time. Happy birthday. I wish you 25,000 more.


Santini said...

Wow. Nicely done, and what nice old memories --

Gino said...

I remember clearly how sometimes the rubber ball would hit the edge of the step and go flying over my head for extra bases.

I think the football is the 73 undefeated Augies. Nagle and Yanker should be around there somewhere, the player in the background could? be but I am far from certain Paul Berg.

See for another even earlier photo of me and the girl friend I used to have.

Jimi said...

Whatever happened to that old girl friend? I bet she's almost old enough to retire by now.

BDE said...

This was fun, TT. I think that old girlfriend still lives in the cities somewhere. I heard she got that great tan by reading War and Peace out by her apartment pool that summer.