Sunday, March 15, 2015


Beware. Things go bad sometimes on the Ides of March. I have an Apple TV that I got from Adam to watch netflix content and espn when it has good sporting events. It failed today. Or last night. Anyhow, it is in a reboot loop. It starts to boot up, changes its mind and reboots, and reboots and reboots. Anyway it suddenly began to fail and now I have to go to the genius bar at the Apple store to figure out if I need to get another one. The next opening is Tuesday.  Bummer.

I spent some of the day watching hockey and some of the day doing the NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle - which, surprisingly enough - had a π theme. "3.1415926" was the title and three of the answers were a mnemonic for remembering the first eight digits of π. I had to figure that out and let everyone know. "How I wish I could calculate pi easily." Not bad. A new mnemonic to go with HOMES (the names of the Great Lakes) and Every Good Boy Does Fine.

PP bought takeout dinner at Grand Szechuan and brought it here to share. Ginger fish and Kung Pao chicken were the toppers.

There are some Rodin sculpture pieces at MIA in Minneapolis, not only at the Rodin Museum in Paris. This one is called "The Cathedral." I took this photo at MIA last month and hadn't posted it yet.

What a string of "important" days - Friday the 13th, π day, the Ides of March, St Pat's Eve, and green beer day.


Santini said...

Plus April Fools Day, the Vernal equinox, Good Friday, Easter, Passover, Nikki's birthday, Adam's birthday, .... lots of days to celebrate.

I like the new mnemonic. It took me a while to figure out that I had to count the letters, though.

The Ides of March is a weather thing, I think. And someone told Caesar to Beware of it, since Brutus had evil plans for that date. So maybe a Caesar salad would have been appropriate, foodwise. Food for the other dates have some traditional followers. Corned beef and cabbage instead of green beer, perhaps.

I like the Rodin sculpture. I was surprised to see two of them at the Meijer Sculpture Gardens in Grand Rapids. Lovely.

BDE said...

I missed Friday the 13th in all the pi excitement. It is really nice to have warm sunshine on all these holidays (so far).