Saturday, March 21, 2015

First full day after the vernal equinox

Spring has sprung.
The grass has riz.
I wonder where my lawnmower are.

The new season is with us and as is usual, it seems, this means we'll be getting some snow tomorrow. The weather creatures say 1-4 inches possible.  Today, however, was pretty nice. Not real warm, but bright for much of the day.

I've been thinking about buying a new tennis racket lately. I've tried three of the 2015 models over the last four days. I played 90 minutes each with two Wilson rackets and one from Babolat. In the end I decided to stay with my 10 year old Wilson Prostaff 6.1.   I returned the demos to the tennis store on Sibley and promised to try again maybe next week, but that may have been an empty promise. In exchange for use of the free demo rackets I bought two cans of fancy schmancy tennis balls. They charge $5.00 a can at the tennis boutique. I usually buy near identical quality balls at Target for $2.19 a can. I'm okay with the higher ransom at the tennis store because they have free demo rackets.

The trees have not yet leafed out much. My backyard maple tree has some little buds and the squirrels are feasting on them. Those pint sized vermin can eat a lot of maple buds.  This tree is a Como Park tree and is still pretty naked.

March has been mild so far, but I'm really hoping for a early spring. Outdoors tennis may begin soon.


Santini said...

Nice tree photo, I like the blue sky. Squirrels are vermin.

We always get some spring snow, it seems. I hope it doesn't last -- the sun seems to be pretty high in the sky already.

BDE said...

Lovely tree photo. I wonder how it looks all covered with sticky snow.