Thursday, March 26, 2015

Icy necklace on the falls

It's not exactly spring and not exactly still winter, but we're somewhere in transition. I guess it got to 36º today, so there was melting and some half hearted puddles. NCW went to work, so I had some free time to get out and visit the various places I walk when the weather is more cordial. Minnehaha Falls is always interesting. I thought that the ice would have melted and fallen into the creek by now, but it's still hanging tough. I walked down into the creek's gorge and approached the falls from below. It's 100 steps on the stairs to get down to creek level and the same back to the precipice level. The walk along the creek was snow and ice covered, mostly because it doesn't get much sunshine down there. There weren't many folks around today. It just wasn't nice enough. The falls are still pretty, even on a day like this.

I had tennis again tonight with Jerry and the hard core girls. Since my experiment with demo rackets last week, I thought my game would be a little off kilter, but I played pretty well and we had two full sets of competitive tennis. They're fun to play with.

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Santini said...

That is an interesting phase, some melting some still frozen, with water clearly flowing under the ice and over the falls. Nice place for a walk on a transition day.