Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest Photographer

There's a Rembrandt art show at MIA this week and it probably continues into September sometime. The GFTNC thought it might be fun to take in some art work from the 1600's, so we took a ride over to Minneapolis. Since we planned to be in the MIA, I left my picture taken apparatus at home. I neglected to check the web site for the museum and we found when arriving at the front door, that the museum is closed on Mondays.

What to do? It was a beautiful day in June and we were in Minneapolis. I was camera-less, but the GFTNC had hers with her, so she volunteered to take some photos and we went to the Rose Garden and the Peace Garden, just north of Lake Harriet in the big city next door.

Did I say it was a beautiful day? It was. The roses, however, were somewhat past their prime. The GFTNC amused herself by taking this photo of some roses in her shadow, hoping that it would look like her holding a bouquet. I like the creativity and the photo isn't bad either. In any case it's hers and she's the guest photographer.


Here I am sitting on a Japanese style bridge in the Peace Garden. Japanese bridges often have a bend in the middle somewhere so the evil spirits, who can't change directions over water, can't follow you to the other side.  [At least that's the story I remember.]  The photo is also the product of the GPhotographer. Did I say it was a beautiful day?


We spent a couple of hours in the park, looking at flowers, foliage and statuary. Then we came back to this side of the river and had a picnic lunch - chicken salad - on the patio behind my house.

And there was also some later afternoon tennis south of the city with five other retired gents. We played some tennis and agreed to do it again on Wednesday.

Later on we had dinner at Mai Village with my old tennis doubles partner, who is visiting from Arizona.  The food was good and so was the conversation.  Rich reminded the GFTNC and me that his mom went to high school in Coleraine and was an alumna of Greenway High School, too.  A small, small world.


Santini said...

The GFTNC is quite a creative photographer. I like both of the photos quite a bit. The whimsy in the first, and the composition of the second.

Small world, indeed.

Looks like a beautiful day.

Mrs. Smith said...

Excellent choice of a guest photographer! It was, indeed, OOTMBDITHOD.