Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ducks on the Pond

It was predicted by the people that know, that today would break into the 90's again. That's probably a little too hot for a session of geezer tennis, even if it's a session of doubles. And since PW is in the Saintly City, we took a morning stroll around the lake in Como Park. There were quite a few people with the same notion, many of them striving to get in a morning run, and quite a few walkers with the family pooch.

The morning brings out the birds. There were red winged blackbirds and even some finches, but it's the season of baby ducks and it's always fun to see them swimming after their mom, trying to stay in formation and close enough so that they don't get lost. This group was close enough to shore to get caught by my telephoto lens. They were happily swimming about, probably looking for some fine duck vittles.


 There were some others too - these may be wood ducks, I'm not sure - that were sitting in Como Lake taking in the day. The lake was a magnet today for birds and people.


Near the end of our stroll we encountered a child size sandal left for the buzzards at Como Park. I can only guess the kind of trouble that the tusker was in for when he got home and only one sandal was with him. We decided to leave to footwear there. I hope it was reunited with its owner soon after we left the area.


This morning there was the French Open men's final. It was an interesting but frustrating to watch spectacle. Raffa Nadal was ahead of Novak Djokovic two sets to one when the tournament director stopped play because of rain. I guess they'll finish it tomorrow. I'm not sure who will win, but my rooting interest is staying with Nadal, since his quest to win seven French Opens is a little more unique than Novak's quest to become the six or seventh guy to hold all four Grand Slam titles at once. Both achievements are definitely noteworthy, however.

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Santini said...

Looks like you had a pretty nice day, and found a nice way to beat the heat. Tell PW "Hi" from me.

I agree -- those look like wood ducks to me.